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Product name : Auto Cv Joint Drive Shaft Outer Joint 28321SC032 For Subaru
Item : su-1-001
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                                   Auto Cv Joint drive shaft outer joint  for Subaru 

Brand Name:NSND

Model Number: For Mitsubishi Lancer

Warranty:1 Years

Product Name:Drive Shaft

OEM NO:28321SC032



Our Advantage :

1. More than 20 years experience .

2. Good quality with competitive price.

3. full stock ,We can provide cv.joint for all kinds of car types.

4. Delivery fast . Need to see the quantity . Usually 10 days can be sent.

5. warranty: We will provide 1 years warranty if our goods damage.

6.Good after sales service. 


. This fits the following cars: SUBARU FORESTER S12 2007-, SUBARU IMPREZA (GR,GV) G22 2007-, SUBARU LEGACY B13 2003-2009, SUBARU LEGACY B14 2009-, SUBARU LEGACY/LEGACY OUTBACK B13 2003-2009, SUBARU LEGACY/LEGACY OUTBACK B14 2009-


How to see the cv.joint is broken.

1. Clicking sound when turning: The most common symptom of a bad CV axle is a clicking noise  when turning. This is most often heard during sharp turns at lower speeds.

2. Clunking sound on acceleration or deceleration: When the inner CV joint begins to fail, you may experience a clunking sound when accelerating or quickly letting off the throttle to prepare for braking.

3. Grease on the inside of your tire: Because both joints are protected with a rubber boot that contains grease, any tear or crack in the boot can result in grease leaking out.

4. Vibration while driving: If the shaft of your CV axle is bent, you may begin to experience a vibration while driving.


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