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How to replace Audi cv joints
How to replac cv joints
Replace cv joints is not a heavy work . 

let us talk about how to replace Audi cv joints. 
 Outer cv joints and inner cv joints

1.Raising and support the vehicle on jack stands. Remove the wheels using the air gun and sockets.
2.Removing the two bolts in the brake caliper by using the sockets and ratchet. Remove the caliper, but do not let it hang by its hose. Lay it on the spring or tie it up with a coat hanger. 
3.Removing the large axle nut in the center of the brake rotor. 
4.Removing the tie rod at the connection to the spindle by removing the cotter pin with the wire cutters, then the nut, using a wrench or socket. Place the tie rod remover tool in between the spindle and the tie rod and hit it with a hammer until it pops the tie rod out of the tapered end of the spindle.
5.Removing the two large nuts and bolts from the base of the strut where it is attached to the upper arm of the spindle. , push the strut and pull on the spindle to separate the two.
6.Pushing the axle out of the hub , if that is too hard, screw the large nut upside down on the end of the axle to protect the threads and tap it with a hammer to break it loose. Remove the nut and push the axle through the bearing while turning the rotor and spindle to make enough room. Lay the axle on the lower control arm.
7.Removing the Audi CV axle with the pry bar by placing the end of the pry bar in between the transmission and the Audi CV joint.
8.Insert the inner splined end of then Audi CV axle into the transmission and then pull it back about 1 to 2 inches and quickly slam it in. 
9.Pull the rotor back enough to get the outboard end of the Audi CV axle into the hub bearing. Rotate the rotor slightly to get the splines on the axle to align with the splines in the hub bearing. Push the axle through as far as possible.
10.Push the upper arm of the spindle and pull the base of the strut to get the top arm into the strut. Insert the two large bolts. Screw the nuts on and tighten them with the 18mm socket and air gun.
11.Screw the large axle nut on the end of the axle shaft and tighten securely .Install the tie rod end by putting the bottom, threaded shaft into the hole that it came out of in the spindle steering arm. Screw the nut on. Tighten the nut with a wrench or a socket and insert the cotter pin.

That is all.And finished it perfectly.

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Audi cv joints